Renewable Energy Certificates

PV Solar offer a point of sale discount on all eligible Solar Systems we install.

By offering you this discount, we can save you time and plenty of hassles associated with the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) process.

RECs are created by installing a renewable energy System (water or electricity) into your home. Depending on the size of this system or the eligibility of the applicant, these RECs can almost offset the cost of the system.

One certificate for solar electricity is equal to 1 MWh (megawatt hour) of electricity. A 1kw system will create 20.7 MWh of electricity over a 15 year period., therefore a 1kw system is entitled to 20 RECs which can be traded at point of sale for a discount on your system.

As of 10th September 2009, the government introduced a REC multiplier on RECs created up to a 1.5kw system. This rebate is in place of the $8000 grant which was offered to eligible applicants.

A REC multiplier on systems up to 1.5kw means that you could be creating up to 182 RECs (dependent on location/postcode of installation).

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ISO 9001 Accreditation
Our Company is fully accredited by “Best Practice Certifiers" for ASNZ4801- OHS Systems & ISO9001-Quality Systems ISO14001 - Environmental Management Systems.

We are also Accredited for NSW Government WHS Systems & Auditing (5th Edition) & a range of other systems

  • HIA
  • Master Plumbers Association of NSW
  • neca
  • Enviroplumber
  • Eco Smart Electricians
  • Clean Energy Conucil
  • Fire Protection Association Australia
  • Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce
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